Aerosmith, sometimes called New England’s ‘Bad Boys From Boston”, formed in Boston in 1970 and immediately began generate a following. By 1972 they were signed to a record deal with Columbia and began to produce a series of gold and platinum albums. Eventually Aerosmith sold more than 150 million records which undoubtedly makes them one of the best selling hard rock bands of all time. Their musical style would definitely be characterized as hard rock, with a blues feel. But as time went on, that style evolved to include elements of pop, R&B and other genres that helped spread their appeal to a larger audience.

They spent the 70s touring and playing their more than a dozen top 10 hits to adoring fans. At the time they were undoubtedly rock superstars, but drug addiction and other issues led to the departure of front man Steve Tyler and guitarist Brad Whitford near the end of the decade. The band’s popularity plummeted for a few years without their most talented musicians. In 1984 the group reunited and began working on a comeback. Success did not come immediately, however and it wasn’t until the group collaborated with rappers Run DMC on a remix of the hit song “Walk This Way” that their careers reignited. Since then, Aerosmith has been on a remarkable run and has been touring for more than 47 years producing an amazing string of hit songs. Aerosmith has received four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, and ten MTV Video Music Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.