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We have several RSS feeds available for you to keep informed on Lowell events, music, and discussions in our online community.

Lowell Daily Events Calendar RSS FeedLowell Daily Events Calendar ("What's On Tap")
For events happening in the Lowell, MA tonight.

Lowell Weekend Events Calendar RSS FeedLowell Weekend Events Calendar
For events happening in the Lowell, MA area this weekend.

Lowell Weekly Events Calendar RSS FeedLowell Weekly Events Calendar
For events happening in the Lowell, MA area between Wednesday, February 22, 2017 and Wednesday, March 01, 2017.

Lowell Monthly Events Calendar RSS FeedLowell Monthly Events Calendar
For events happening in the Lowell, MA area for 2/2017.

Classifieds ForumDiscussion Forum: Classifieds
Classifieds forum in the LowellRocks.com online community.

General Discussion ForumDiscussion Forum: General Discussion
General Discussion forum in the LowellRocks.com online community.

Musician Talk ForumDiscussion Forum: Musician Talk
Musician Talk forum in the LowellRocks.com online community.

Politics ForumDiscussion Forum: Politics
Politics forum in the LowellRocks.com online community.

Shameless Plugs ForumDiscussion Forum: Shameless Plugs
Shameless Plugs forum in the LowellRocks.com online community.

What is RSS?

"RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts." (Source: Wikipedia.) On LowellRocks.com, our "frequently updated digital content" includes the Events Calendar and our Message Board.

Here's a link to a short video that explains RSS in plain English.

How to Use/View RSS Feeds

The following tutorial shows you how to setup Live Bookmarks (subscribing to RSS) using the Firefox web browser.

  • Find a page with an RSS feed.
    You'll notice our Message Board / Forum page has the orange RSS button in the address bar at the top of your browser.
    Find the RSS Button in the address bar
  • Choose the RSS feed to which you want to subscribe.
    Click on the RSS feed title to subscribe to the feed.
    Click on the Feed you want
  • Store the RSS Feed in your Bookmarks
    At this point, you can choose where you'd like the feed to be stored/shown. For best results, choose "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder."
    Place the feed in your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder
  • Now you have a live feed!
    You'll now notice the Live RSS Feed in your Bookmarks toolbar, in the top of your browser window.
    Your live RSS feed has been added
  • Click on the live feed.
    In this feed, the entire list of "General Discussion" forum posts will appear as a list that you can choose from. You can then click on the item and it will take you directly to the discussion.
    Click on the feed to view the list of discussions
  • Reload the Live Bookmark for the most recent discussions.
    You can also reload the live bookmark at any time to see if any discussions have been updated in the last couple minutes.
    Reload the live bookmark

Now you can keep up on the LowellRocks.com discussions and events while browsing other sites. You can also add our feeds to your desktop RSS Reader, which can act like a scrolling news ticker on your computer.

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