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The Super 8's

The Super 8's
Genre: Cover Band - Electric Location: Medford MA Contact: Email the artist Rank: #0 in Cover Band - Electric Review Score: 15 out of 15 Submit your own review of The Super 8's
The Super 8's' Stats: 2386 Views, 3 Reviews, 0 Forum Posts, 1918 Days Active
Listen to Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

Listen to Wonderful Tonight

Wonderful Tonight

High Voltage Rock n Roll cover band playing music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today...!!!

Review Score: 15 out of 15
Write your own review of The Super 8's:
5 out of 5 mvmurk mvmurk writes:
The Super 8s are the greatest band in all the land! Always a fun night out when they play!
5 out of 5 caz295 caz295 writes:
Super 8"s Rock!! Great Band - always a fun night out!
5 out of 5 bosslady0911 bosslady0911 writes:
Great band! They are so talented and fun! I cannot help but dance whenever they play!

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