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Free Radicals

Free Radicals
Genre: Rock Location: Manchester NH Website: freeradicalslive.com Contact: Email the artist Rank: #93 in Rock Review Score: 5 out of 5 Submit your own review of Free Radicals
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The Free Radicals is a unique cover band that includes four guys that will stop at nothing to see that everyone, including themselves, continues to have a better time this time, than the time before. The band features a drummer whose strong work ethic is demonstrated through his tight grooves and powerful, explosive playing style. He is joined by two lead/rhythm guitarists, one whose attention to detail and subtle melodic interpretations complement the others spontaneous and inspiring creative nature. The groups signature is inherent in a bassist who values adding tasteful color rather than unnecessary flash. With powerful lead vocals, and everyone contributing to back-up vocals, The Free Radicals attack from every angle. Musical influences range from Classic and Modern Rock, Blues, Top 40, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Alternative. Anyone who has experienced Free Radicals live can tell you, the question is not, "what kind of music do they play?" but rather, "what kind of music do you want to hear?" With the music industry flooded with prima donnas and flash-artists, the band believes that while a visually powerful show is an absolute must nowadays, quality music and personal integrity are a priority. In short, the guys thrive on giving both old and new fans much more than what they expected, every time.

Review Score: 5 out of 5
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5 out of 5 kazm kazm writes:
I absolutely loved this band! Have to check them out again...soon!

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