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Genre: Alternative Location: Cleveland OH Website: bassonudo.com Contact: Email the artist Rank: #69 in Alternative Review Score: 6 out of 10 Submit your own review of BASSO NUDO
BASSO NUDO's Stats: 5880 Views, 2 Reviews, 1300 Forum Posts, 1483 Days Active
Listen to Tiffany (Live at Lucia's Bodega)

Tiffany (Live at Lucia's Bo...

Listen to Methane Ocean (Live)

Methane Ocean (Live)

BASSO NUDO means "naked bass" in Italian.

Once shunned from a local songpull because he played bass, Gary Smejkal conceptualized BASSO NUDO, music composed and performed on the tenor bass guitar. Later joined by violinist Robert Bielak, the band released "When Angels Cry" in 2012.

Joined by Steve Esposito and Ray Chiffy, the new CD "Playing In The White Space" is due for release in early 2014.

BASSO NUDO is proud to be an Endorsing Artist for Adamovic and Conklin Basses and Bag End Loudspeakers.


Review Score: 6 out of 10
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5 out of 5 BASSO NUDO BASSO NUDO writes:
"When Angels Cry" with violinist Roberto Bielak. iTunes release in September 2012.
1 out of 5 green lantern green lantern writes:
I prefer mood pyramid

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